the sex oil
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the sex oil

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pleasure: powered by plants

An all-natural body oil formulated with nature’s most delicious aphrodisiacs to promote more pleasure in your routine. Great for solo play, with a partner, during meditation, or as a yummy body oil; this blend is meant for way beyond the bedroom.

Embrace your sensual side and see where life takes you.

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it’s more than just sex

Our focus on pleasure comes with a mission.

Healthy sexuality is sacred. By embracing the most human part of ourselves, we expand in creativity, joy, and see this beautiful energy overflow into so many areas of life.

The Sex Oil was created with the intention to prioritize pleasure.

To embrace our sacred sexuality.

To heighten sensation.

To promote the divine feminine within us all.

To change the the story around sex.

To inspire more creativity within ourselves.

To open the conversation.

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the founders

Local to the DC area, Kristina & Stacey have fused together their knowledge and years of experience with essential oils, energy work, business and health coaching to share products they have used as an integral tool for their personal and professional practices.

From burnout, to breakups, to motherhood, to low libido, to career overhauls - they know that their stories are like many out there, and that’s why they also are here to ignite a conversation they believe is necessary for the greater collective healing.